Tea And Transition Nicola Jane Chase

Nicola Jane Chase



It's time to take Tea to the next level... off the page, and on to the big screen!

For news and information about this super exciting new project, and to find out how YOU can help, check out:  The Why Gene​. And this time, I'm bringing scones!

Nobody expected a change from straight man to straight woman...

​...least of all me

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Tea and Transition is Nicola's amazing story. A life that began in the suburbs of Liverpool, and then took her through Cairo, Abu Dhabi, and mainland China, as a much sought after DJ spinning discs in the hottest clubs for the international jet set. However, having played at rooftop parties for sheiks, been a maestro in the clubs of the Orient, and a household name on the airwaves in Hong Kong, it was only after relocating to New York that the real journey began...

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